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Fractions is a song I did while in NY on a business trip. Camp had Penthouse studios booked out and told me to pull up. I ended up getting there before him (The n*gga was like a hour late lol). Anyway I caught a vibe and decided to record on a David Morse beat that was in my email. The format  of the record is just  a freestyle I  wasnt trying  to make a full song, more so just poppin my  shit. Anyway check it out and let me know what you think on IG. The version on streaming platforms  is a mix and master by Jrod lead RARE Sound engineer. I’ve grown acustomed to a previous mix that was done by the in studio Engineer that night. That version is also below for  anyone who care to listen. Let me know what version you like better it will def help with crafting my sound.


Orignal Studio Version